living To your lash potential?

Take Your Lashes From Lackluster to Lust In A Matter Of Weeks!

The 'Once A Day' Lash Serum That Works!

Take Your Lashes From 'Girl' To 'Gurrrrrrrl'

Borboleta Lash Serum

Nourish + Enhance

Biotin, Keratin, & Peptides - conditions and nourishes for stronger lashes

Plant Based Stem Cells - Swiss Apple extract for healthier lashes

Pumpkin Seed Extract - Fatty and amino acids give a more voluminous look

Dip. Swipe. Repeat.

Just one swipe of our lash-loving serum each night gives you the eye-catching lashes you’ve always wanted!

results You Can See

Fuller and thicker lashes in as little as 4 weeks, with maximum results at 8 weeks

See how simple it is to get the gorgeous lashes you crave in under 5 minutes per day!

5⭐ Reviews

Ashley B.

The Holy Grail of Lash Serums!

I have tried numerous lash serums prior to Borboleta’s. GrandeLash, Revitalash, Drugstore lash serums, Babe Lash, you name it.  And this has topped all of them without a doubt.  No irritation or stinging whatsoever, and it has lengthened, thickened, and darkened my lashes so quickly, it has changed my life.  As someone with super flat, sparse lashes!

Christy L.

Magic in a Tube!

I noticed a difference in appearance at 3 weeks.  After using this serum for 9 weeks I got a lash lift & tint.  Everyone tells me they thought I have extensions on.  This will definitely always be part of my bedtime routine.

Lorie L.

Gold Standard Lash Serum!

I’ve used other lash serums in the past, but nothing has produced epic results like this!!!  I haven’t seen my lashes this long since high school.  I am a customer for life!!!!!


9 Week Transformation!

Wow!  I’ve never used a product that’s so gentle and so effective! That’s vital when it’s applied directly onto such delicate/sensitive skin as the eyelid.  I’m beyond thrilled with my results and definitely will continue to keep using It personally and retailing it, as I have complete confidence in the efficacy and quality!

Lash Serum  . . . The Product Your Beauty Routine is Missing!

Healthy lashes are the secret to reaching your full lash potential and all the confidence that comes with it!


Whether you are fully lash obsessed, or just lash curious, Borboleta's Lash Serum should be part of your healthy lash playbook!

If you could swipe your way toward the lashes of your dreams, why wouldn’t you?


Lssh Queen // Chief Lash Officer

What My Clients Say

I've been using Borboleta Lash Serum for just 6 weeks. I have seen an incredible difference in my lashes. I hardly wear mascara anymore, STRONGLY suggest the use of this product.

Lindsey N.

I've gotten my lashes done for years, decided to take a break and continued to use Borboleta Lash Serum - look how long and healthy they look



What Makes This Serum Such A Powerhouse?

The motherlode of ingredients! Borboleta spent years fine-tuning and perfecting this exclusive formula until it featured everything you want and absolutely nothing you don’t. Each premium ingredient was hand-picked for its lash-loving qualities—like keratin, biotin and peptides for strength; plant based stem cells for vitality; and pumpkin seed extract to plump. Together, these ingredients go to work to condition and nourish the lash line and help your lashes appear darker, fuller, and healthier than ever!

Can I Use The Serum With A Lash Lift Or Extensions?

Borboleta loves lash play, and formulated with this in mind! Their serum will not interfere with either of these treatments. Some of my favorite lash dream success stories come from customers who use their product to maximize the look of a lift or extensions.

Has This Product Been Tested For Safety?

Absolutely! This cruelty-free formula is ophthalmologist approved and has been through an extensive panel of safety testing for eyes and skin.

What Happens If I Stop Using The Serum?

In the highly unlikely event that you want to stop using the serum (why would you!?), your lashes will look just like they did before use. In the much more likely scenario where you are obsessed with maintaining lush and long-looking lashes, simply continue with daily use.

No matter your go to look

Borboleta Lash Serum creates the perfect foundation of strong, healthy lashes!

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